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I have always been interested in the art of Storytelling.


I grew up listening to audio books and radio plays, loved the theatre, film and music; studied English Literature, Language, and History and spent much of my time training to be a ballet dancer, before focusing on Fine Art.

Chelsea School of Art and Design, was the college I went to for my B.A Hons in Fine Art. I was keen to use film as part of my work, with the mind to become a Film Director. The course I was on had the ideology that you could use any material that was right for your idea.

By chance I discovered a Steinbeck hidden away in the depths of the building. As it was mainly abandoned, I spent quite a bit of time teaching to edit with 16mm footage, but soon realised that the ambitions I had, could not be achieved without a team behind me.

I began painting. Large cinematic, first-person, observational 'Scene-scape' oil paintings, in the stile of the films I aimed to make in the future. I was very interested in the vanishing points all coming back to the viewer and making the scale of the painting as wide as possible, with a flatly painted texture... in line with a film screen.

(I also experimented with film in relation to paint, and this I now am picking back up in the present day.)


After college I had a studio for a few years but hadn't given up on idea of film. I found myself gravitating towards offline Film Editing, where I found real excitement. 

This realm had all the tools to create  worlds, and the opportunity to touch others through emotion, feeling, texture, sound, picture.

 When done well, it has the ability to connect us in the most profound way. 


I have always loved the all encompassing journey of Film; that notion as a audience member of being absorbed in living someone else’s truth, to the point where you forget your own space.


I have especially graduated towards stories, involving complicated characters in challenging, emotional environments, that push audiences to question their own viewpoint or hit them with an emotional connection.

I love edits that allow the actors performance's to speak, with seemly invisible edits, to keep from overcomplicating a scene, unless it's for impact or as a tool to create a required feeling for the audience.

In my editing work, I have always looked at every new piece for its individuality and character, keeping an open mind to the process and use all methods and material available to me; and on occasion inventing them.

I have found there to be great similarity between the act of painting and editing, personally.  There are always moments during the process of both, where you have to kill off parts that you fall in love with, in order to let the piece come together as a whole. As painful as that can be, every change opens the door for previously discarded ideas and parts to come back into play.  It's a constant learning and that's what makes it exciting, especially when you crack that elusive puzzle. The piece will always know what it is. It's up to us to listen and persevere; that's where the magic lies!


In 2020 I started to build this website. With the onset of the global pandemic, which coincided with my Father's terminal cancer progressing, I stepped out of the Editing world to help my parents and focus on building a new career as an Artist.

This website is a work in progress.

With life circumstances changing, I started to tap back into the layers within, channeling the energy I used to dedicate to film collaborations, into new work that stems from my creative intuition, and I've been inspired by the rediscovery of images and interests from my past that lay dormant for a time.

Alongside, I was guided to focus attention on energy healing and find avenues to incorporate this into my artwork for the benefit others. The first incarnation has taken the form of the carving of a Angelic Reiki energy healing deck in the form of Tarot. First in black and white lino prints and then as a digitally hand painted version. The lino prints are for sale and printed directly from the carved moulds. The colour Tarot deck I hope to be available to buy in early 2022.


Ultimately, I wish for this website to be an expression of life and it's journey.

If you are interested in purchasing artwork and tarot prints, or want to contact me,

please email:

Thank you!

The name of this site combines my given surname 'Knight', with my Mother's family name 'Devine.'

I wanted to honour both sides of my lineage, and give a nod to the strong ancestral line of Wise Women (herbalist/midwifery) on my Mother's side.

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