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Tarot of the Unbeaten track


In May 2020 I was inspired to start carving Lino. This was totally new to me, having done one lino print at school more than 20 years ago. It seemed to be an instruction to do something physical and new in response to the isolation of lockdown, due to the Corona Virus.

Soon it became clear that this new skill, was to be used for a particular purpose. I was being called to start creating a 78 card tarot deck. 

During this time I was giving my father Angelic Reiki daily, as he had been diagnosed with a very rare terminal brain cancer. On opening the space for his healing session each day, I would ask to be shown the image or scene for the Tarot card that I would carve later that day, keeping the healing space open throughout the process of carving each card.

In physical terms I was carving light space into the darker solid material. Energetically I was using Reiki energy as the tool to carve, similar to grooves in an LP record, a frequency into solid form. In this case it's the Universal Life Force energy frequency of Christ Consciousness/Unconditional love, etched into each mould. The white areas of the images are this frequency imprinted into the image.

The intention of these light sculpted images, are to be as a healing tool, in the form of a Tarot deck.


One day at a time, one card at a time.

The process of this step by step journey has been incredible for me personally. In a very challenging period in all other ways and at times very bleak, this drive to continue this daily practise for a purpose greater than myself, helped me accept the beauty in the present and kept me sane. And over time I stand back and see what each and every moment can bring as a whole. I hope that this can bring a sense of encouragement to those who work with the cards.

The images were created from Minor to Major Arcana, starting with the 'Ace of Swords' and finishing with 'The World'.... you may visibly see my journey of my learning to carve. 


Available to buy as hand made lino prints

Each image is available to buy in Black and White format.

These are hand rubbed lino prints and therefore are unique,  no two are exactly the same because of the nature of the way the ink settles on the paper. All are printed on Acid free cartridge paper with water based ink.

The Major Arcana are A4 with a hand painted gold acrylic border. 


The Minor Arcana, within a black A4 paper border.


As the SHOP element of my website is currently under construction, please email me if you are interested in purchasing a print. Thank you.

I have also been developing a colour version of the images. with the intention to print as a deck of Tarot cards. This will come with an ebook guide. 
Heading 6
Colour card-0 THE FOOL_edited.jpg


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