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Rei-ki, pronounced ray-key, is the ancient system of energy healing believed to have been first recorded by the Tibetan Buddhist monks.
The origins of the word are believed to derive from the characters Raku, being the vertical flow of energy, and Ki, the horizontal flow of energy.
The traditional form is as a hands on healing with the healing energy coming vertically through the crown of the healer and flowing horizontally into the person receiving the healing.
My personal practise of Reiki is a combination of Angelic and Usui Shiki Ryoho systems. 
The purpose of Reiki is to move blocks that may have built up within the physical, emotional or energy bodies; and to bring the three into harmony. 
The shifting of energy can show as yawning, burping, tingling, twitching and/or the feeling that you need a sleep.
Once in a this deeply relaxed state, memories, colours, emotions and visions may surface for your conscious mind to be process. Sometimes it makes people emotional, especially when memories surface, but that not something to fear. It is the process of the unblocking, and the active understanding of what has been stored in the body. To surface and release.   
That said, those I have worked with predominately find they sink into a deeply relaxed state and leave sessions feeling blissful, lighter and energised. As might be found from a massage or good night's sleep.
I liken it to re-charging a computer. It's the topping up from the unlimited Universal Source. The same loving life force energy, that brought us into form.
It is a energy healing practise that  brings the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies of a person, into balance, to bring about a harmonised state of being. 



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